How to Locate Nearby Tesla Charging Station Quickly?

By Ev Info

If you are searching for the Nearby Tesla Charging Stations near me? then you don’t need to go any further. Today we discuss how to quickly locate the nearest Tesla charging stations for your EV.

How to Locate Nearby Tesla Charging Station?

Tesla is one of the largest American-based multinational automotive companies headquartered in Texas, Austin. They are a leader in Electric vehicles & energy storage devices.

When it comes to EVs, Tesla has more than 20% electric battery market share & more than 14% share in the plug-in markets.

Tesla Charging Network

Tesla provides a vast network of superchargers & Destination charging networks for your EVs.

As of now more, than 90% of the US population is covered through its network. So you can easily locate the nearest Tesla charging station.

Nearby Tesla Charging StationDetails
Supercharger network36165 Supercharger 
Destination charging23,963

Locate the Nearest Tesla Charging station

You can easily & quickly locate the nearest Tesla charging station. Listed below is the process through which you can easily access the network of Tesla charging stations.

  • Tesla Official Website Charging Map
  • Tesla Supercharger Map
  • PlusShare Tesla Charging Network Map
  • Map of Tesla Charging
  • Google Map for Tesla Charging Network

Use Tesla Official website;-

Locate the nearest charging station through the official website on your Desktop computer.

  • Open the official link,
  • Type your location on the Map & search,

As you can see in the above screenshot, the nearest Superchargers & Destination Charging network is shown on the map.

Once you click on the nearest charging station, further details about the location are shown. Driving directions, complete address & roadside assistance along with Charging capacity.

How to use Tesla Supercharger Map

Locate the nearest supercharger through the onboard navigation system easily. All of the Tesla has an inbuilt Supercharger map installed for locating the charging station near your location.

Follow the below process to find the nearest Supercharger

  • On the Navigation screen on your Tesla,
  • Locate the Supercharger icon on the corner,
  • Button located on the right bottom side,
  • Nearby Tesla chargers list display on your screen,
  • Supercharger & Destination chargers details will pop up on the screen,

Plugshare Tesla Charging Network Map

Plugshare is one of the best apps for finding the nearest charging network for your vehicle. Their filer & search features are advanced as compared to other charging network maps.

Use their Tesla charging map to find the nearest charger for your EV.

  • Open the map from the link,
  • Enter the location on the search bar or,
  • Use the map for finding the charger,
  • Locate the charger & click for more details,
  • Complete details displayed on the page; Address, Charger details & other amenities details Map of Tesla Charging provide a list of all the Supercharger located around the world for Tesla. Its map is very interactive & user friendly.

  • Enter your location at the search bar,
  • The map will show the charging station located in that area,
  • Click on any location near to you,
  • Details of the location are shown on the map as well,
  • Complete address, Hours & KW details are shown,

How to use Google Maps for Location Nearest Tesla Charging Network

Locate the Supercharger of Tesla through the Google Maps. Use the below map as per your location.

Moreover use the search option through the map.

  1. Enter your location + Tesla Charger in the search bar,
  2. List of nearest charging station displayed on the map,
  3. Click on the charging station, located near to you,
  4. Navigate to the station using the Goole map option,

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

Below is the table for your reference. All the models have long-lasting battery ranges, which means you can drive without worrying about charging. Incase you are out of battery, Superchargers can chare your Tesla vehicle quickly.

RateSupercharger billing type
$0.28 per kWhPer kWh
$0.13 per minuteTier 1 (under 60 kW)
$0.26 per minuteTier 2 (over 60 kW)


Is Tesla charging stations free?

Earlier Tesla used to offer free unlimited Supercharging with new Model S or Model X purchases. However, Now they no longer offer free Supercharging with new purchases.

What is Tesla Supercharger time?

Level 3 Superchargers can take a Tesla from 0-170 miles range in just 30 minutes.

Name the best charging map for Tesla.

Use the official Tesla charging map website or alternatively use the map.

Where can I find tesla charging stations?

Use the Tesla Map, App, or official website map to locate the nearest Charging stations.

What is a tesla destination charger?

It’s a High Power wall charger installed in public places, homes, gyms,s or grocery stores.

Final Word:- Now to your how to find the nearest Tesla charging station near you. The easiest way is to use the Tesla-owned app, map, or navigation tool.

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