Top 5 Electric Scooter Under 40000 In India 2023

By Ev Info

Electric Scooter Under 40000; Are you looking for the best keyword in India? The market for electric vehicles in India has increased in the last few years. There are various companies in the Electric Scooter finding the best Electric Scooter Under 4000 is a tough task.

So in today’s blog, we share the best Electric Scooter that will fit your budget. So scroll down & read the in-depth details about the best electric scooter Unders Rs. 40000 in India.

List of Best Electric Scooter Under 40000 In India

Well as per the budget is concern the amount Rs.40000-50000 is the amount which a common may can pay for a scooter. So now you want a similar scooter but Electric, so we have done all the hard work for you & share a complete list of the latest Electric scooters for your reference.

Below is the list of Best scooters in India Under Rs. 40000

  • Evolet Pony Electric Scooter
  • Ujaas eGo LA Electric Scooter
  • Avon E Lite Electric Scooter
  • Ampere Reo Electric Scooter
  • Yo Xplor Electric Scooter
  • Velev Motors VEV 01

1-Evolet Pony Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a basic & sleek design scooter, it’s made for you. The Pony was launched by the Indian Electric Scooter brand Evolt.

Evolet Pony Electric Scooter

It was designed inspired by Italian-style scooters. Best for small journeys & city areas. Recommended for daily & routine usage.

Evoley Pony Electric Scooter Details
Riding Range60-65km
Highest Speed 25 Kmph
Kerb Weight Details90 kg
Battery charging time5 – 6 hr,8 – 9 hr
Power Type250W BLDC motor
Evolet Pony Scooter Price In IndiaRs. 39,499
Electric Scooter Under 40000

2-Ujaas eGo LA Electric Scooter

Best scooter in modern range design. Ujaas Ego La is a typical design for short distances. It’s best suitable if you are looking for a price bucket in the electric scooter range.

Ujaas eGo LA Electric Scooter

It has a two-tone body colour design option & specially designed for the young generation of people. Moreover, they have all the essential features like; a digital display, LED read lights, and self-start.

One of the best electric scooters under Rs 40000 category for youngsters. It has a 250W BLDC motor with a 60V/26Ah acid battery. As per the charge, it can give 60-70 KM per charge.

Ujaas eGo LA Electric ScooterDetails
Riding Range Details60-75 km
Kerb Weight39 kg
Battery Details60V/26Ah
Battery charging time6-7 Hours
Power250W BLDC motor
Ujaas eGo LA Price In IndiaRs. 34,880 – 39,880

3-Avon E Lite Electric Scooter

Avon Electric is one of the renowned EV companies in India. Avon E Lite is one of the best masterpieces from Avon Electric,, it has a sleek design & trendy colour options. It’s best for daily usage & for the daily purpose of travelling.

Avon E Lite Electric Scooter

If you love to drive sleek design scooters it’s for you. This electric scooter has a front-facing mounted headlight with having innovative design.

This Avon E Lite electric scooter has four drive modes power pedal assistance, electronics power system, Cruise control and electronic power mode. The battery is powered by a 232W electric motor. It can give you a mileage of 50KM per charge.

Avon E Lite Electric ScooterDetails
Riding Range50km
Top Speed24 Kmph
Kerb Weight80 kg
Battery Type48V/12AH
Battery charging time4-8 hr
Power232W motor
Avon E Lite Price In IndiaRs.28,000

4-Ampere Reo Electric Scooter

Well, the list of Best Electric Scooters Under 40000 is not completed without the Amphere Reo electric scooter. This electric scooter has a lot of innovative features, due to it has been trending in the news for a couple of months.

Ampere Reo Electric Scooter

This Ampere Reo scooter has four variants with different battery configurations to suit your needs.

Ampere Reo Electric ScooterDetails
Riding Range45-50 Km
Top Speed25 Kmph
Kerb Weight88 kg
Battery48 V/24 Ah
Battery charging time5-6 hours
Power250W motor
Ampere Reo Price In IndiaRs. 41,490

5-Yo Xplor Electric Scooter

The next option in this list is the Yo Xplor electric scooter. This is the best option for you if you don’t want any kind of registration or to fulfil the license requirements. Just buy it & enjoy the best benefits of the electric scooter in India.

Yo Xplor Electric Scooter

Young people are choosing this scooter as it gives you freedom from worrying about the license & registration. This electric scooter has 4 colour options; Black, Red, Blue and white.

Yo Xplor Electric ScooterDetails
Riding Range70 Km
Top Speed25 Kmph
Kerb Weight86 kg
Battery48 V/24 Ah
Battery charging time6-8 hours
Power250W motor
Yo Xplor Price In IndiaRs. 38,938

Which is the Best Hero Electric scooter Under 40000 in India?

Well in the above list, we have missed the Hero Electric Scooter. Some people are interested to know about the cheapest Hero Electric scooter in India. They are searching for the Best Hero Electric scooter Under 40000 in India.

Well, all those people who want to buy a Hero Electric Scooter in less than 40000 need to wait until the prices are slashed.

Below is the cheapest Hero Electric Scooter Details Available;

Hero Electric Flash LX

Hero Electric Flash LX is one of the entry price point electric scooters from Hero Electric. If you are looking for a reliable & affordable scooter then it’s the best choice for you. Hero Flash has 2 variants in the market as of now.

Hero Electric Flash LX

LX LI is the top model having a price range of Rs.59000 & the other variant is LX VRLA priced at Rs.46640.

It’s very comfortable for short & city area drive only. The total weight of the scooter is only 66Kg the best option for ladies & old age people looking for a lightweight scooter.

Wrapping Up

In the above list, we have shared the top 5 Electric Scoter Under 40000 in India. Apart from the basic details have shared complete details about their specification, features, battery & other useful information.

You can choose the best scooter as per your requirements from the above list. Find a nearby EV charging station in your city.