Popular Type of EV Charging Locations

By Ev Info

Finding charging locations for EVs can be a tough task. Once you know there are alternate ways to charge your favorite apart from home or office you may be the winner every time.

Today we discuss the top 5 popular types of EV charging locations.

  • Charging at home
  • Electric car charging at work
  • Public charging stations
  • EV Charging at gas stations
  • Retail Locations

1- Ev Charing at Home

This is the most popular & favorite charging station worldwide. It contributes approx 64% to the charging stations. It is the most convenient way & easiest way to recharge your favorite car or vehicle.
Just relax at your home & find your vehicle fully charged in the morning.

2- Electric Vehicle charging at the workplace

As we spend more than 6-7 hours working at offices or places. 33% of the users are charging their vehicle at their workplace. This is a convenient way while being present at your office & getting your vehicle charged at the workplace.
Now we have seen growth in the number of installations on charging stations at the workplace.

3- Public Charging Stations

The rapid growth of electric vehicles has created more demand for Public charging stations. Now most of the company are focused on this public charging segment. Government & pulic sector collaboration has given this segment a boost.
While driving to weekend or going to a tour we doubt about charging, but once we find a public charging sations our worries are over.

4- EV Charing at Gas Sations

Now most of the gas sations are integrating EV charging. They mostly provide DC charging (Level3 charging) services.
These charging stations are DC charing stations, it takes only minutes so your car is fully charged within a coffee break. This is the convenient way for daily user & drivers as well.

5- Charging at Retail Locations

Supermarket & malls are the favourite places where we all love to spend our time with family & friends. It attract more customers as compared to other supermarket.
People love to plan their shopping at those destination where charging is availbale.
Just relax & do grocery shopping, watch movie or have a dinner or whatever you like.