How to Find Apartments With EV Charging Stations Near Me Quickly?

By Ev Info

Do you want to move to an apartment with a charging station? Well, today we will guide you so that you can easily find the list of apartments with charging stations.

EVs (Electric Vehicles) help you save on your monthly fuel expenses. Let us discuss how to find an apartment that has an inbuilt EV charging station.

Can you charge your EV in your apartment?

Before looking for a new apartment let’s be clear about whether you can charge an EV at home or not.
As per the current situation in the house, charging is limited to a few states. In addition, if you wish, you can get a tax credit or exemption for setting up a home charging station in accordance with current US government policy. But this facility is given only to the owner of the house.

So are apartments that have EV charging stations installed. In addition, you can ask the landlord to set up the infrastructure to enable EV charging.

Benefits of Apartments with Charging Stations;

If you own an electric vehicle and have found a perfect apartment with charging stations, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned below.

  • Easy Access
  • No Additional Costs
  • No Worry About Charging
  • Night Charging
  • Fast Charging

How to Find Apartments With Charging Stations Near Me?

If you have made up your mind that you want to go only to an apartment with high charging, then you will have to make a plan. Without a plan, you will not be able to find a good home where you can get a charging station.

Below are the tips for finding a perfect match for you.

1- EV Charging Websites

Go to EV Charging Websites and search. Explore their mobile app & website for the perfect match. Test their search and filter options thoroughly.

Above is the screenshot from for EV charging in apartments.

2- Apartment with charging stations and parking

Another way is to identify apartments having charging stations at their parking. has the solution if the charging stations are not installed in your building or apartment yet.

Just discuss with your HOA or property owner/manager installing a charging station on their premises through Chargepoint.

Similar types of options are available from the TOP EV charging solution providers in the USA.

3- Property Listing website

Another way to find Apartments With Charging Stations Near Me is to drill down & explore the property listing websites.

Without wasting, time & roaming here & there just head over to these best property listing websites & find an apartment with having charging station installed.

Most of these websites provide advanced features for search & filter, so you can easily locate an apartment as per your choice.
Craigslist Apartments
Apartment GuideRentHop

Consider these before renting an apartment with Charging Station

As per there various benefits of apartments with EV charges, consider the below-listed limitation as well.

Additional expenses

Ev chargers may incur additional expenses, as it’s not always free. The cost may be in form of additional fees or the cost may be added to your lease agreement.

You need to understand the expenses before signing the next agreement.

Limitation of charging stations

There is various type of charging stations, it may vary as per the capacity, equipment, or charging type. Finding the perfect match for your EV isn’t easy.

Consider the limitation & find out the perfect match.

What are the Alternatives to Apartments With EV Charging

Unable to find a perfect apartment having an EV charging station? Consider the alternate as listed below.

Charging at Work or office

If your office has a charging station that might be the perfect solution for you. If it’s Level 2 charging you are done. While you perform your daily activities at your office, a fully charged vehicle is ready when you leave.

Public Charger

Now, most retail stores, mall, park, gym, and grocery store has the option of public charging. Consider the nearest Public charging station for your EV.


Can we charge the electric cars in an apartment?

Yes, if the infrastructure is ready you can easily charge the EV.

What are private charging stations?

Private EV charging is any station that is not accessible to the general public.

Can I install an EV charger at my Apartment?

If your property manager agrees, you can go ahead & install a dedicated charger.

Final Words;- Finding an apartment having EV charging installed is not easy, but now your know & understand how you can easily find the perfect match.