Top 5 EV Charging Companies in USA

By Ev Info

Are you seeking details on the top & Best EV Charging Companies in the USA? Today we discuss the EV charging companies in the USA.

List of EV Charging Companies in the USA

In our last post, we discussed the trends in the electric vehicle sale. As the rise in EVs has seen rapid growth, the companies which are offering products related to EVs have grown as well.
As people are now becoming more aware & opting for EVs.

Fuel efficiency, less maintenance & healthier lifestyle are the main benefits of the option of an Electric vehicle. Below is the list of Top EV charging manufacturers in the USA;

Sr. NoNameYear Of Establishment
1Tesla Inc2003
2Blink Charging2009
3Charge Point2007
4ClipperCreek Inc2006

1- Tesla Inc

Tesla Inc, having its headquarters in California, Palo Alto is an American Electric vehicle company.
Its core business is Electric cars & has a strong presence in the market as well. They are known for manufacturing connectors for walls for the ease of charging electric cars.
Their other products are; Solar panels and battery storage for homes & offices.

Main Products

  • Vehicle charging
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Solar panels
  • Solar roofs
  • Power wall
  • Powerpack

2- Blink Charging

Blink Charging is based in Miami Beach, Florida. They mainly provide types of equipment for EV charging. They are the leader in providing charing-based technology & software.
They operate multiple EV charging stations.
It has a strong presence in residential, commercial parking, malls, schools & retail locations.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Services
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Software

3- Charge Point

Charge Point is based in Campbell, California. It’s the leader in public charging networks for electric vehicles based on an annual subscription model. Their flawless software enables the data & payment process smoothly.

They collaborate with governments, retailers, & malls for the installation of charging stations.

Key Products And Services

  • EV station maintenance
  • professional installation of EV Charging Station

4- ClipperCreek Inc

ClipperCreek offers charing services for property owners & business owners as well. It provides plug-in charging solutions at very cheap & convenient rates.

Their products have great quality with service assurance guarantee. The highest level of work ethics & employee-friendly is their core strength.

ClipperCreek’s products are easy to install & easy to use.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • EVSE
  • Level 2 Chargers
  • Level 2 Charging Stations
  • EV Charger
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Electric vehicles

5- SemaConnect

This establishment was founded in 2088. Most EV charging stations are installed at the high prominent area. They are the best company service in North America.
Their charging stations are beautifully designed with a focus on easy navigation.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Charging Stations
  • Electric Charging Stations Management
  • Clean Technology
  • Network Electric Charging
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations