Top 5 Upcoming EV Cars In Australia for 2024

By Ev Info

Australia is witnessing rapid growth in Electric vehicles, Today we share the Top 5 upcoming EV cars in Australia. The grand launch of new cars is expected in early 2024. Below are the complete details of the new launches for 2024.

Details of Upcoming EV Cars in Australia

Interested in knowing the details about the expected & confirmed launch for 2023. Check the below details, these Electric cars will be on road in the coming few months.

1 MG 4

The first big launch is the Hatchback – MG4. It’s the best in-the-class car for the segment itself. We all love Hatchbacks let’s look at the details. It’s one of the best electric cars in Australia’s 2024 top list.

Car Details;

The design of this car is very unique which attracts advance booking of the car in Australia. It’s running successfully in the UK. The UK version is powered by a 51 kWh capacity battery. The upgraded version has a battery capacity of 64 kWh.

Manufacturer MG
Model NameMG 4
Battery51 kWh
Launch DateMarch to May 2023
Expected Price $40,000

2 BYD Seal

The second grand launch is Seal by BYD. Stylish & unique design is what all are appreciating in the review. It’s a Sedan car, best for SUV lovers.

Car Details;

The main & interesting feature of this car is, it comes with a double battery pack. The RWD model comes with a 61.4 kWh battery pack having a capacity of 450 km of WLTP range.

Another variant of the Sedan comes with an 82.5 kWh battery pack.

Manufacturer BYD
Model NameSeal
Battery61.4 kWh & 82.5 kWh
Launch DateFebruary to May 2023
Expected Price Below $60,000

3 Ora Funky Cat

As the name suggests best class car for first-time buyers. It was launched recently in the UK Market. Now soon will be launched for the Australian market.

Car Details;

It’s the best part is they focus on driver safety first.

Manufacturer GMW
Model NameOra Funky Cat
Battery47.8 kWh
Launch DateFebruary to April 2023
Expected PriceApprox. $40,000

4 Volkswagen ID.4

The best-performing Electric car manufacturer comes to Australia. They are launching ID.4 Ev in the Australian market in 2023.

The right-handed driver variant already reached the Australian market.

Car Details;

The company is testing the model in Australia itself. This model is a hit in the European electric vehicle market.

Manufacturer Volkswagen 
Model NameID.4
Battery77 kWh
Launch DateJune to November 2023
Expected PriceApprox. $60,000

5 Fiat 500e

The new hatchback Fiat 500e electric car will be launched in Australia. They are known for designing small city hatchbacks & customers also love the way they design cars.

Car Details;

The car is already launched in the Eupore market & Australian EV lovers are expecting the launch very soon.

Manufacturer Fiat
Model Name500e
Launch DateMay to November 2023
Expected PriceApprox. $40,000


What EV cars are launching in 2023 in Australia?

Almost all the big brands are launching new Ev cars in Australia, and Fiat, Hyundai, and BMW are launching new EVs in 2023.

Is MG 4 available in Australia?

The MG 4 is expected around the first phase of 2023 in Australia.

Final Words;- Apart from the above car, there are many other manufacturers who are planning to launch a new car in 2023. Upcoming Ev cars in Australia are Renault Megane E-tech, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Peugeot e-308 & BMW iX1.