Blink Charging Stations Near Me

By Ev Info

Today we share complete information about Blink Charging Stations Near Me. If you are looking for the nearest Blink EV Charging station then you are at the right place. Blink Charging is a leading & growing EV charging service & equipment provider in the United States & Europe. As of now, they operate more than 51000 charging ports in 25 countries.

Map of Blink EV Charging Station

Use the above map to locate Blink Charging stations for your EV (Electric Vehicle).

About Blink EV Charging Stations

Blink is the leading manufacturer of EV Equipment & Ev charging station solutions. They provide solutions for your business & residential purposes as well.

What is Blink Charging EV Drivers?

They have designed a special product for Drivers who drive Electric Vehicles. You can access their publicity available Blink charging stations once you have joined them.

Use the Blink Charging app to find the nearest charging station on the go. It highlights an EV charging station that is nearby, lets you know far away you are from the closest stations and tells you how busy the station is.

How Long Does It Take To Charge an EV?

Use their official EV charging calculator for easy reference. This is one of the best Ev time calculators so far. Just head over to the website & on the right side, you find the calculator.

Calculate the time either by Car Make & Model or by Battery & Power details. As you can see in the above screenshot.

We have calculated the time for a BMW model. Whereas the selected current charge level is at 20% & the target charge level of 80%. The final time for recharge is shown as 2H33.

Contact Details

Company NameBlink Charging
International Support Page
United StatesUS: +1 888 998 2546


How fast does a Blink charging station charge?

The fastest charging station with Level 2 AC can charge 65 miles of charging per hour.

Can I charge my car at blink?

Yes, anyone can charge the car at the nearest Blink Ev charging stations.

Can I charge my Tesla at a blink charging station?

Yes, all the charging stations are compatible with Tesla Model, charge it with Tesla Adapter.

Conclusion; You can easily locate a Blink Charging station for your electric vehicle. They operate more than 50000 active charging ports. Looking for a Tesla Supercharger for your Ev? locate the nearest one now.